October 19

Bringing your values to work

Led by: Kathy Rammage, Kim West

The lines that once separated our work, personal and digital lives are becoming increasingly blurred.  The impact for some is the feeling that our personal beliefs and values can no longer be on display without compromising our careers.  Join Kim West, NATIONAL Partner and Chief Client Officer and Kathy Rammage, Director, Human Resources, for an interactive discussion around how, and why, you should bring your values to work.

September 14


Led by: Shannon Davidson, Brian Langerfield

The most relevant and actionable ideas are often the ones that make you say “I could have done that!” – but you didn’t. Join Shannon Davidson, NATIONAL’s Vice-President and Marketing Practice Lead, and Brian Langerfield, Vice-President, and Executive Creative Director, as they blow up the misconception of big ideas and explore how thinking small can have a powerful impact.


May 3

Data-driven Storytelling

Led by: Rick MurrayMercedes Smith

Our role as communicators is essentially to reach and inspire people to act through a strong, compelling narrative. But the process of how we develop, tell and share our stories is going through a fundamental change, driven largely by a new media landscape and the advent of new technology. Join Rick Murray, NATIONAL's, Managing Partner and Chief Digital Strategist, and Mercedes Smith, Content Strategist, for a discussion on what these changes mean for communicators. They will also share practical tips on how to deliver the right story in the right context to the right people at the right time.

May 18


Led by Kim WestJoanna Wilson

As a young communications professional, you're focused on developing your craft and building profile and awareness for your company, agency or organization. But with more and better opportunities than ever before, are you taking the time to build your own personal brand? Join Kim West, NATIONAL Partner and Chief Client Officer, and Joanna Wilson, Senior Vice President of NATIONAL's Healthcare Practice, for an interactive discussion on what it takes to become an industry leader, how to get recognized for your expertise, ideas and skills, and what channels to use to help build your personal brand.


June 1


Led by Jon LitwackLuc Levasseur

Until recently, communicators had little to rely on but their experience and gut feel that their ideas and marketing campaigns would lead to measurable success. Advances in analytics and online search tools now make it possible to arrive at data-driven decisions before launching any new program, increasing the likelihood of success and a positive return on investment. Join Jon Litwack, NATIONAL's Director of Analytics & Insights, and Luc Levasseur, Director Corporate Communications, as they review key research tools and lead a discussion on how to measure the outcome of any communications program.

June 15


Led by Joe RacanelliConrad Seguin

Communicators have a facility with words, and are able to develop interesting content and strong narrative with relative ease. But they sometimes lack comfort with numbers, missing out on career opportunities and access to the c-suite. Join NATIONAL Equicom's Joe Racanelli, Vice President, and Conrad Seguin, Account Executive, for an interactive discussion on the key financial terms that communicators need to be familiar with. How are they calculated? Why are they important for your company's narrative?


September 14


Led by: Rick MurrayAlan Fryer

We believe exceptional communicators are critical to the future of brands, companies and institutions. That’s why, in celebration of our milestone anniversary, we’re sharing our people and our key learnings with those who matter most to us at a special NATIONAL Exchange event.



October 26


Led by: David MannAbby GarfunkelAndrea Cudmore

Investor relations materials are most valuable when they effectively communicate your company’s story in a way your audience will remember. So, how do you evaluate your IR materials to ensure your messages resonate with your company’s stakeholders? Join NATIONAL Equicom's David Mann, Abby Garfunkel and Andrea Cudmore for a presentation on how to develop your IR materials considering Content, Context, Clarity, Consistency and the use of Key Messages. Your IR materials represent the chance to tell investors why they should be interested in your company – take advantage of that opportunity.