Facilitator:  Shannon E Davidson/Brian Langerfield

Date:  September 14

Time: 8:00 a.m.

Client/Project Name:  Big Event & TTC


RacingFest is the largest annual sporting event in Toronto, with over 168,000 people attending each year. Next year’s event dates: July 10-13th.

The event takes two months to build and two weeks to dismantle.

Next year will be the events 13th anniversary.

During the three days, the streets of Toronto become a race-track that hosts different racers and their high-tech machines from around the world. Seven kinds of racing – from motorcycles to open-wheel cars.

Off-track activities include beer gardens, concerts, sponsor booths/interactive spaces, Race Paddocks/Garages, vintage and future-thinking motorcycle and car displays


On-site consumer research and ticket sales data at last year’s event revealed the following insights:

  • Nearly 70% of our attendees are new to, or have skipped a year between attending our event (high turnover – having to engage new people every year)
  • 80% of attendees travelled to the event from within the TTC/Go Transit (primarily TTC) coverage areas
  • Only 65% of attendees used public transit to reach the event
  • Although we are primarily a “racing” event, the majority of our attendees are event-goers – coming to be a part of the overall celebration/action
  • The majority of our event-goer tickets are sold in the final two months leading up to our event (once our site build begins) 


  • TTC/Go Transit riders are a key target audience – Need to develop a way to generate media attention, event awareness and ticket sales the month leading up to the event
  • We do not have enough money to do a TTC media buy ($10,000 max)
  • We have a good relationship with the TTC through our consistent promotion of the TTC and Go Transit in our event promotional materials, posters and web site over the past 12 years

Branding/Messaging Considerations:

  • Primary branding – RacingFest - “The Fastest Event of the Summer”
  • SecondaryTTC – The Quickest Way to Toronto’s Fastest Event
  • Imagery: Race cars, fans, midway/off-track fun, CN Tower (Toronto)
  • Key Messages:
    • July 10-13, Exhibition Place
    • Order tickets now at


  • Team Ideation Session - Due: Wednesday, September 14
  • Internal review of all ideas - Due: Thursday, September 15
  • Top three territories (ideas) confirmed - Due: Wednesday, September 21
  • Development of presentation docs - Due: Monday, September 26
  • Meeting with TTC to present territories - Due: Wednesday, September 28
  • Legal review of top concept (if applicable) - Due: Friday, September 30
  • Final Concept Decided - Due: Friday, October 14
  • Revised creative to TTC for approvals - Due: November 15
  • Action plan and logistics planning - Due: October – June